Jung Yeon Sung (Ryu Seung Soo) who goes on holiday with a close friend.

Han So Ran (Han Shi Eun), a web designer who selects singles. Han Book Ja (Lee Ji Hyun) spends half of her life taking care of her husband.

Starting from San Ma Roo (Jung Yong Hwa) who take on a holiday to relieve pain after his lover dumped him.

Kim Gyung Jae (Choi Woo Sik) who has been dating for 10 years.

He is also the first CN Blue personnel to challenge himself to enter the acting world.

He made his acting debut through SBS drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ and co-acted with Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk.

She also directs herself to take the right path and realizes her dreams in the future.

The drama stars Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, and Jung Yong Hwa.Here, Yong Hwa plays one of the ‘ANJELL’ personnel named Kang Shin Woo. When the leader of ‘ANJELL’ continues to tease Mi Nam, Hwang Tae Kyung gives more attention to her.I’m not shy about posting casting rumors (with the requisite caveats, of course) because it sheds light on the casting thought process.Musician and actor, Jung Yong Hwa is indeed a man with a million talents. Jung Yong Hwa is famous as a vocalist of the famous band CNBLUE.Yong Hwa is the vocalist as well as the guitarist of the band.In 2009, he studied music in Japan with his members and began to enter the entertainment world in 2010.