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Regardless of the exact age, the Mungo 3 burial (through the use of ochre paint) is evidence of communication and ceremonial practices, and perhaps also of trade, amongst the early human residents of eastern Australia.

Ochre is plentiful across most of Australia and it occurs in many of the older archaeological sites.

Paints are made by grinding the source rock to a powder and then mixing it with a fluid to bind it together.

Traditionally this fluid could be saliva or blood, while in contemporary art an acrylic binder is more commonly used.

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At this site, one of the most significant archaeological sites in Australia, a female cremation burial was identified in 1969 and provided evidence of the world's oldest known cremation rite - around 26 000 years old.

A few hundred metres away, and some thousands of years older, a man was buried (called Mungo 3).

Spanking, corporal punishment, scholastic discipline, female correction and humiliations.