Class sizes are small which fosters a positive environment for students.

While resources are somewhat limited, the school does much with what it has.

Christian Liberty Academy is a small, independently run Christian school located in Kea’au.

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Spending warm nights outside is a great pleasure in Hawaii.

Incredible weather has blessed the islands, even if the traffic can be pretty awful.

Experience them on a date or take a group of friends on an adventure.

Lay out and tan, cool off in the water, or go fishing for the day.

I'm at a point in my life and my walk that I understand who I am, what God expects from me and what God has for me.

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Some Hawaiians find the perfect beach and never try any of the others, like finding a favorite entree at a restaurant.

Don’t forget that it’s OK to experiment with new beaches.

Teachers and administration are extremely caring and they have the concern and well-being of each student as a priority.

Academically, graduating students are well-prepared for college. Environmental clubs, BIIF team and individual sports, drama productions, class trips, and other school wide activities are available.

These unique eateries are just another thing that Hawaiians can be proud of.