“To be quite honest, I didn’t think I was his type,” she said.

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Or is it just a matter of placing him in a context? The first day we shot together, we shot a 15-hour day, and at the end of the day … and at the end of the day, it was a lot of my stuff. It’s past midnight and this guy’s here doing off-cameras with me. The second movie, you just don’t want to piss anyone off; there are so many other amazing people here. I’d see myself in the suit and be like, “Who’s that idiot in the suit?

Evans: Well he is a really human superhero, you know what I mean? He had minimal lines and he really could have left. Now you start feeling like, “Well, I’m throwing this barbecue, too.” [laughs] It’s a strange feeling being like, “Well, hang on, what if we did it like this? ” It’s starting to feel more like real or home or something, so you do start caring a little bit more. [laughs] These things will happen so you want to make sure it’s pointed in the right direction.

Original Post: One of our favorite (former) Hollywood couples might be giving their relationship another green light.

The delightful Jenny Slate and noted nice guy Chris Evans, who reportedly dated for a handful of months upon the completion of their film the duo were spotted enjoying the company of each other while eating food on two separate occasions in the Georgia city.

There was something about that that other people liked. I can live with this.” Can you talk about where we find Cap when the movie begins? I think the issue in the first two – Captain America and The Avengers – is, well in Captain America it was about giving him the opportunity.

I think a lot of people enjoyed the World War II aspect of the first movie. I look so silly.” But they did some really good things. The new suit does actually have the ears out and it looks okay, so I was like, “All right.

So you just have to take those periods of time in stride and understand that it will pass, it’ll die down eventually, and things will go back to a relative level of normalcy.

Aside from that, I love doing these movies because they’re good. It’s been one of the tricky things in my career – I’m sure you’ve seen some of my not-so-good movies – and it’s disappointing when you put a lot of time and effort and sweat, you know, it sucks.

Their internal barometer of what is good and bad is pretty on point.