"It was definitely one of the shows I thought was interesting, but it made sense for Flav to do it just that way.

When you bring a lot to the table, you can't be with someone who is half-stepping. CHILLI: Anything is possible and I do hope to meet someone fabulous.

One thing is for sure, there will be no kissing on the mouth with these guys.

While cat fights will flare up with the "Basketball Wives" and Chilli promises a tiff with her sassy matchmaker on "What Chilli Wants," these new shows certainly aren't selling buzzworthy moments akin to "Flavor of Love" contestants spiting on each other or suddenly defecating on the floor.

"I watched 'Flavor of Love' myself," attests Chilli.

The Grammy-winning TLC star will get judge-y on tru TV’s brand new competition series, Fake Off, and ETonline has an exclusive first look. The show premieres on Monday, October 27, at 10 p.m. Fake Off marks Chilli’s first regular reality gig since What Chilli Wants back in 2011.

In this publicity image released by VH1, from left, Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed, Erikka Moxam, Shaunie O' Neal, Evelyn Lozada, Suzie Ketchem and Gloria Govan pose together to promote their reality series, "Basketball Wives," airing on VH1.

I was very clear it couldn't be your typical dating show. I want to encourage women to fight for what it is you really want, and stand by that. We already know ultimately who everyone wants me with (laughs).

Otherwise you will have a lot of heartbreak or will be left unfulfilled. How will your show be different from other dating reality shows and do you think you will truly find love?

The cable network synonymous with "Flavor of Love" and its sleazy spin-offs is trading trampiness for fabulousness with a new slate of series starring seemingly well-adjusted rich and famous black Americans.