In latin america, people are much quicker, sneakier, you have to learn to be more assertive and less non confrontational.

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They are also nesting at a younger age than an american women and marriage, family, kids..a BIG deal to a Chilean women! General things like dating ettiquette, gift giving ettiquette, eating ettiquette.

However if its a poorer family, you being an american, there is a misconception that americans are all wealthy...does happen.. Its called "Chilenismos" and its a dictionary about Chilean spanish and also customs...saved my butt a few times while living in "Chile po! His "polola" invites him to family functions that are held in pricey restaurants - like her brother's birthday party, as an example.

Ive also read about a lot of open stares that last like 10 minutes if someone is interested in you, and also, being greeted by someone you are meeting for the first time, with a request for a date. The guy in the situation fully expects to pay for dates they go out alone as a couple on, or for anything he invites her to, but he questioned this habitual - you have to go to this friends special function, or this family members special function, and pay for both of our pricey meals.

The guy was struggling to keep up with these requests from the "polola", but then he became unemployed.

Even so, he sounds too passive, which to me, sounds like hes american.

Its this kind of stuff that causes americans to get in trouble down here.

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They fall in love quickly and its all out or nothing. I am not dating anyone, but I know of someone that is.

So be forewarned, they take dating much more seriously than we do. I also took the time to do some googling on the topic.

Also Chilean men are very macho and kinda chauvenistic...quite immature as well, like Argentine men.