A lot of you come to me saying, “I don’t have any potential women in my life.” When I ask about your methods, I often learn that you HAVE opportunities, you just don’t capitalize on them! Or, you’re just plain oblivious to the “green lights” you’re getting from women.

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This then reinforces your belief that you can’t attract women. Now, I could try to convince you of all the reasons why you should stop listening to your scumbag brain. Sometimes, you just need to stop overthinking and do your job in romantic pursuit.

So to ensure you don’t keep throwing away opportunities, we need to list out what you’re doing wrong.

You do that by having a couple lighthearted, silly, or playful messages to get a laugh.

Once that’s been established, you need to push forward. Most women are in the “buying” mood while on the app and will make plans with a guy then and there.

“I only talked to her for a couple minutes at the gym after her set.” “This girl at the bar was talking to me while getting a drink, but it was just for a few minutes.” “I met a girl at this event but we didn’t get past small talk.” A woman knows whether or not she’d give you her number within minutes of meeting you.

If she gives New rule: “If I’m talking to a woman I find attractive for more than one minute, I must ask for her number before I leave the conversation.” This is the craziest way I see guys blow their opportunities. She was just being polite and probably isn’t interested.” Bullshit!You will either get ignored or become the friendly guy who gives her free attention.New rule: “I will suggest meeting up with a girl within our first or second text exchange.” A lot of guys think they need to a woman to meet up with them from online dating.It makes sense in theory — you’re strangers and you want to make her feel comfortable. You want to show her how similar you are and how you both love the same things.But what you don’t realize is that women are on online dating to meet up with potential mates. You need to weed out the girls who just want someone to listen to them and aren’t serious about meeting up.By swiping yes to each other, you both already accept you find each other attractive.