However, it is a legal issue and people have the right to know.

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It really did not take much to get in either, just disabling javascript and meta refresh in the browser settings, lol. He did fix that at first too, but I again figured it out and shared the method. But to this day, Hannah has shown zero remorse for having said it and zero concern for the effect it had on me, which I reluctantly told her about.

Instead, it is always insults and judgment from her.

To Hannah and her minions: My publishing of this information is basically a [PSA] to me. Pissed is what I was when that person, who I still believe was Hannah, said that crap in chat last year (2015).

I am not bothering to help with anything anymore after what has been said about me.

This outcome should come as no surprise whatsoever.

There are consequences to treating someone that way.You can confirm many of the pictures too, using their EXIF data.Still, if you consider Hannah's content to actually be "CP", then you are a moron.I learned the hard way, long ago, not to treat those people with any civility.They do not deserve it and letting them walk all over you will teach them nothing.She is quite skilled at making things worse though, lol.