So when he realized he would marry Prince Will he didn't know what to say or how to act.However, some important intelligence came to him and Nico must set out after his engagement to see the truth behind such intelligence.

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When Harry left the Yule Ball, he thought he was having the worst night of his life.

But when Cedric invites him to the after-party to end all after-parties, the worst night of his life quickly turns into the best...

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Things get more complicated once you add in his boys which also happen to work around the school.

“one of these days, you’ll get caught up in the thrill and won’t be able to find your way out.” jimin swore to never get shitfaced ever again after loudly professing his crush on yoongi—twice.

Nico never expected to be the only remaining heir of Erebus.

He never thought he would find happiness when his father ordered him to get married.

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