It is just as fast as texting yourself with the added benefits of search, tags, and reminders.

Lastly, there is fun interactive component which makes the bot fun. It takes at least 3–5 clicks to start a note in Evernote and it could be much more depending on where in the app you are and location of app in your phone.

There is a certain heaviness to Evernote and it requires a lot of concentration to find the right notes, access the right notebooks, etc…

To keep chatting with your contacts, you can use the Hangouts Chrome desktop app.

You can use the same account that you used with Google Talk to sign in to the Hangouts app.

When it comes to being productive and getting things done, the last think you want is cognitive overload.

Cognitive overload occurs when a piece of technology becomes too feature rich.

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Any act to promote or gain profit in any way from the use of my pictures, profile, videos or audio, in any form, is a violation of privacy and is subject to legal action.

We experience this by feeling ‘disinterested’ or ‘put off’ by a piece of technology.