The two have been rumored to have had an on and off again relationship throughout the years, but could this latest post mean that the two are back on?

We’re not exactly sure, given that Justin and Chantel haven’t really been on anyone’s radar for quite some time.

She was never without her stylish rectangular shades.

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However, the clip below from the evening at TAO shows Valderrama laughing with Columbian singer, Maluma, while Jeffries walks ahead. Maybe it's not as much of a date as people thought.

Nice to see @maluma hanging around one of my favorite people @WValderrama last night. ❤️ Nedkr ZH— Stalker Sarah (@Sarah MOnline) July 16, 2017OR MAYBE IT IS AS MUCH OF A DATE AS PEOPLE THOUGHT. Wilmer or Chantel, please invite me next time so I can help clear this up for people. He famously rented out the entire AMC Theater in Times Square so they could watch Although the two never claimed to be anything more than "just friends," some cuddly social media pictures sent a different message.

"This was an incredibly difficult decision for both of us, but we have realised more than anything that we're better as best friends," Demi wrote on Instagram when they broke up.

Justin Bieber sure knows how to get his fans talking.

They're both really, really, really ridiculously good looking.

As far as I'm concerned, they're both single so they should do what makes them happy.

Chantel originally shared this picture of herself during what appears to be a school picture day, from her childhood.

If you look at the pictures closely and examine them side by side, it’s pretty obvious that the smile does belong to baby Chantel.

She may not be attached to Disick, but judging from her beach photos, the raven-haired beauty should have no shortage of male attention heading into the summer.