Strahlen is now a life coach working with women in transition and hopes to reach out to other divorced Catholics to let them know there is Hope and Love in the Catholic church.

Today, she and her five sons work hard for everything that comes their way, but they are also successful, happy, and faithful.

Reassure the single parent that you offer in love not because you think she’s a bad parent or her garden is a disaster because single parents can be especially sensitive.

They need to learn valuable lessons on heavy topics such as redemptive suffering and on hopeful topics such as the Love of the Holy Family and how it is possible to model their future families on those of the great saints.

They also need to understand the annulment and what that means for them.

Maybe you can’t babysit every Tuesday night, but you could check on the family cat during a summer vacation. Things that seem obvious, silly, or insignificant are often needed and overlooked.

Little offerings can remove heavy weights from a single parent’s shoulders.

In divorce, kids always lose, even on Mother’s Day. There is no magic formula to make Mother’s and Father’s Days special, but the Catholic Church and its members can lighten the load of single parenting and welcome the divorced.

More importantly, none of these break Church doctrine as giving the Eucharist to the divorced and remarried would.

Most of my friends live 700 miles and more away, while the rest will likely have dinner parties on New Year’s Day rather than drink on New […] It began with those 5Ds- distance, duality, disillusionment, denial, and despair.

Distance was to put up an unnecessary wall with others.

They enjoy camping, sports, and (highly competitive) board games.

And if you’re wondering about that last little Baby Boy – He is a bundle of giggles and goofiness.

I have recently been asked to co-admin an online support group for those in struggling Marriages.