For as time goes by, the oil should seep into tiny pores in the surrounding rock, and, over time, reduce the pressure. Perhaps because our oil deposits were created as a result of Noah's Flood only about 4600 years ago?

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In fact, the separation rate depends on the distance to the 6Note: Even though the maximum age obtained from this method is more than 10,000 years, it is nevertheless much younger than the alleged 4.5 billion year age for the Earth-Moon system proposed by evolutionists.

Note also that nobody knows how the Moon got to be in its present orbit.

In fact, such young earth indicators are in the majority.

But because the scientific establishment and the media are biased against a Creator, and because evolution requires an old earth to appear plausible, the public at large is rarely told about the mounting evidence that contradicts the belief in an old earth and the In the pages that follow we discuss 22 clocks, or indicators that the Earth and Universe are young.

Clocks may be used to estimate how long a process has been taking place.

All clocks (including radiometric ones) require the use of at least three assumptions.

See how each country compares • Interactive guide• Get the data • Data journalism and data visualisations from the Guardian • Previous year's data The world emits 48% more carbon dioxide from the consumption of energy now than it did in 1992 when the first Rio summit took place.

The new data shows the rise of Asia, big increases in emissions in Africa, how Europe has plateaued - and how Iran has shot up the league table.

It emitted 8.3bn tonnes of CO2 in 2010 - up 240% on 1992, 15.5% on the previous year.