Right click on Device Cool App Installer - Add - Project Output...Select Device Cool App on the Project selector, and Primary Output as follows, and press OK.Visual Studio will detect automatically the Device Cool App dependencies.

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file to determine what components require licenses.

If you have installed Measurement Studio Visual Studio-integrated tools and set the Automatically Update Projects preference to true, Measurement Studio automatically updates the Tip: To determine if you have installed the Measurement Studio integrated tools, select Help»About Microsoft Visual Studio in Visual Studio.

But it DOESN'T mean that Visual Studio Smart Device CAB projects are just a graphical front-end for the tool.

The main advantage of using a Smart device cab project is that it also integrates our development, it automatically updates the file according with the changes we make to our projects, it includes renaming of output files (Device Cool is not physically linked, if we change the assembly name setting in our project to Device Cool.exe, we don't need to modify the Device Cool Installer project) and dependencies which are automatically detected. Now you can start creating your own smart device cab projects and please don't forget to read my previous post about how to build a which registers the assemblies on the .

During the installation process, an Installation Nickname can be applied to the side-by-side installation (so they can be distinguished in the Start menu), as shown below: To get even more frequent Xamarin updates, install the Xamarin Updater for Visual Studio 2017.

The Visual Studio Installer should also be used to un-install preview versions of Visual Studio 2017.

To change the Automatically Update Projects preference, go to Tools»Options and select Measurement Studio»General in the tree on the left. NET Tools to display the Automatically Update Projects drop-down list.

when calling Measurement Studio licensed class libraries, ensure that you have activated a Measurement Studio license type that governs all of Measurement Studio licensed class libraries that your application is using.

Let's see an example: Assume we have the following solution: and we want to include a project to create the cab installer for our application, which should:1) Copy and press OK.