The Short Version: If you want to create a successful dating site, you have to have a good name for it. Something that resonates with singles so they’ll want to join.

After you’ve come up with a meaningful name, the next step is finding a relevant domain name.

The company runs a comprehensive and beginners-friendly domain marketplace with approximately 18 million domains for sale.

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Since 2000, this international brokerage team has helped millions of customers buy, sell, and park domains.

The trade platform gives you the ability to monetize unused web addresses as well as invest in marketable domains.

The three friends had fun playing recreational soccer together and decided to program a computer game dealing with German Bundesliga soccer clubs.

One of the clubs liked the game so much that they bought it from the young programmers.

Sedo, as the world’s largest secondary domain marketplace, offers a variety of useful web services, including domain brokerage, domain transfers, domain parking, domain appraisals, and brand protection services.

These services can help dating brands monetize unused domains, market themselves through premium domains, and turn a profit in the online space.

“It is nearly impossible to still be able to register such a domain on the primary market today.

So, if you need a prime piece of online real estate (that is how we refer to premium domains), the only chance is to acquire it from the secondary market.” Based in Cologne, Germany, with a US office in Boston, Massachusetts, Sedo offers an alternative to registering a domain from a domain registrar.

Sedo is the world’s largest secondary domain marketplace with millions of clients clamoring over popular domains.