The water beetle fauna is exceptionally rich, with the nationally rare species Hydrophilus piceus and Hydrochara caraboides together with the rare soldier flies Stratiomys furcata and Odontomyia ornata.

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The annual mean temperature is approximately 10 °C (50.0 °F).

Seasonal temperature variation is less extreme than most of the United Kingdom because of the adjacent sea temperatures.

In 1853 a hoard of 200 silver coins dating from the Saxon period was found in the churchyard.

In 1988 a Saxon ring, made of copper alloy with a unique knot design, dating from the 6th or 7th century was found in the village by Tim Purnell.

Centwine gained control of the area in 682 and named it 'Vadomaer' after one of the Saxon leaders Vado the famous.

After winning the Battle of Ethandun, Alfred the Great caused the Viking leader Guthrum and his followers to be baptised at Aller and then celebrated at Wedmore. The Treaty of Wedmore is a term used by historians for an event referred to by the monk Asser in his Life of Alfred, outlining how in 878 the Viking leader Guthrum accepted Alfred the Great as his adoptive father.

The total ward population as taken at the 2011 census was 4,796.

It is part of the Wells county constituency represented in the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

The parish council has responsibility for local issues, including setting an annual precept (local rate) to cover the council’s operating costs and producing annual accounts for public scrutiny.