More information here The Penn Club will host a speed dating event for all singles ages 21 to 35. Inter-Club members will be able to make new connections in record time with other ambitious alumni. To guarantee your spot, sign up with a friend of your interested gender.Every five minutes, you’ll meet a new partner to chat about your personal lives, goals and happiness before moving on to a new partner. If you sign up individually, you will be placed on a waiting list.

ARTICLES WRITTEN ON THE GRAND PROSPECT, 1901 TO CURRENT TIME OUT NEW YORK, 11/9/2000 "GRAND PROSPECT HALL:" You want your wedding to be a classy, Ralph Lauren-style affair? The rest of us will get hitched at Brooklyn's Grand Prospect Hall.

Imagine Mozart on Ecstasy and you'll begin to grasp the outlandishness of this mammoth, 97-year-old structure.

They’re taken by Natalie Chitwood, the first true mom friend I made when I moved to Montclair!

This is me running through my script for the evening while Natalie tested out the positioning of our sequin-y “photo booth.” The mamas came in from a windy, spittly night for some free drinks and schmoozing before the official “dating” started.

) Thanks also to WNYC, especially Chris Bannon, for making this event possible and supporting us every step of the way.

I may be the voice of this show, but all y’all prop me up. To all of you who have asked for Speed Dating in your cities, please know that we are working on figuring out how to do more of this.

On October 22, we hosted Speed Dating for Mom Friends at the Bell House in Brooklyn.

If you missed it, live vicariously through these pictures.

Originally a sort of Friar's Club for Brooklyn social gatherings (the borough's Rifle Club called it home), the building deteriorated with age until it was bought by the Halkias family in 1981.

Two decades of restoration have resuscitated its Disney-does-Hapsburg main ballroom, oak-paneled beer hall (where scenes from Prizzi's Honor and The Cotton Club were shot), roof garden and nine other spaces.

If you want Speed Dating to come to you, tell us so in the comments.