which was refurbished 2014 is located on the outskirts of Clifton with its High Street shops on the main road into Bristol.

The City Centre is about a ten minute drive away, as is Bristol Zoo.

If I had stayed and gone to another bar there were certainly people I would have talked to more but unfortunately it wasn’t to be!

Our pubs and chefs are fully committed to supporting the Great British farmer and aim to source fresh produce and meats, when in season and where possible, from British Red Tractor Farm Assured producers.

Once we had our drinks in hand confusion began as people started to sit down.

With the sound system playing up, nobody at the far end of the bar knew what they were meant to be doing.

Nowadays residents, office workers and professionals all come to Channings.

We boast the only beer garden in the area and have Wi-Fi access throughout the building.By this point the room was hot and I’d met so many new people I felt we all needed some time to recover and talk to those we had liked.However, we had to power on for almost another hour. My throat hurt, and my memory was beginning to fade. Guys kept appearing opposite me looking haggard and hot, desperately asking how much longer I thought this was going to last.My flatmate and I compared notes and whilst things were mostly going well we had both had a few off-putting experiences such as the ‘boob starer’ and the boy who wouldn’t speak.After buying another drink to get through the rest of the evening it was straight back to dating.Unfortunately we weren’t the only ones with this idea, and the wait at the bar was a long one.