Find out more »Price: £1,400.00 A superb set of this very scarce history of Norfolk.

Very rarely seen and then only in individual volumes.

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Find out more »Price: £99.99A small volume of An Abridgement of the History of England by Dr. Oliver Goldsmith (10 November 1730 4 April 1774) was an Irish novelist, playwright and poet, who is best known for his novel The Vicar of Wakefield (1766),...

Find out more »Price: £600.00A very scarce copy of this work on Charles II by Robert Douglass. This work gives a detailed account of the coronation of King Charles II, with the sermon preached by Robert Douglass, Minister at Edinburgh, Moderator...

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This work reflects on the leaders of England post religious reformation which began with Henry VIII.

The reigns in question are those of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I,...

The best way for an rh negative woman to avoid the pregnancy problems causing infant death if not vaccinated is to have children with an rh negative man.

Because of this need in our society to protect rhesus negative people from the medical issues not properly explained to the public, there is now Date By Type – the blood type dating service which only matches people with the rhesus negative blood factor with those who test negative for the rhesus gene as well.

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Bound in half vellum with gilt lettering and decoration. Find out more »Price: £150.00 A document attributed to William Cavendish concerning Charles II and the Bill of Exclusion. Attributed to William Cavendish, Duke of Devonshire.