This can put a large burden of running a home and family on the other partner, leading to resentment.

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This leads to them having to cultivate some serious negotiating skills from the start, so that they can get a word in edgewise.

With their excellent social skills and diplomatic nature, middle children are the easiest to live with among all birth order personalities.

Being in charge of their siblings for a good part of their childhood, they have a tendency to be bossy and dominating, as well as a bit of a control freak.

Middle child Middle children enter a home that already has one or more people ‘in charge,’ and soon relinquish their ‘baby’ position when the next one comes along.

They’re also a stickler for rules and expect their partners to follow them too.

Most firstborns have a caring, nurturing nature, and they extend the same towards their romantic partners.While being predictable has its advantages, it can also lead to a common relationship-killer – boredom.Being spontaneous and adventurous is not a firstborn talent, and they can come across as a bit dull to other birth order personalities.This fun nature is carried into a relationship with a youngest child, who ensures that all milestones are celebrated and keeps things young and vibrant.Their good-natured humor can cheer up their partners on a dull day, and their spontaneity provides some much-needed spark to the relationship.Also, since they’ve grown up entertaining themselves, it might not be easy for them to make way for another person into every sphere of their lives.