I knew a few new moms who had gotten it and RAVED about it, and I liked that the camera had remote panning ability so that more of the room would be visible (important since we use a floor bed with Anneliese, so she can crawl off of her bed and ideally go play with her toys when she wakes up).

I’ve also grown accustomed to the touch screen of my i Phone and generally dislike buttons now.

Usually that meant he needed a diaper change, to be honest.

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Back in 2009, I had the opportunity to babysit for a sweet family with a 2.5 year old boy.

It was then that I got my first taste of the genius that is the Video Baby Monitor.

In 2011, touch screen video monitors are becoming all the rage.

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Color Video Monitor was highly advertised and very popular, at $250 for the receiver and one camera.

I really wanted one with two cameras so that I could have one on the cosleeper in our room (when Anneliese was tiny she slept in there for naps, and at night) and one on her bed in her room (after a couple of months, we had her taking occasional naps in her room, and later, she started the night in her room too). I read a LOT of reviews of a LOT of cameras, and ended up settling on the Safe Baby video monitor with 2 cameras ($215, but no longer being made).

I wanted the option of adding more cameras when we had more children with more rooms… Because it was digital, I hoped to avoid the static I had experienced in my babysitting job (and I did avoid that.We have free webcam chat rooms for all ages and interests.Our no registration video chat rooms are online 24/7. Our chat room are a great way to enjoy using the internet after work and school.A larger viewing are on the monitor was also appealing. Because, you know, “.” So many months ago, I began searching.“Why isn’t there a baby monitor system that works with the i Phone? It just seemed silly to me to carry around TWO touch screens, when one should work.There is no receiver (like with the summer infant monitor) so you’ll need to be prepared to use your Android smart phone, i Phone, i Pad, and/or your computer. So I have the long version of installation (how it actually went for me), and then the short version. If your baby needs a new diaper or to nurse or even just a snuggle, by all means, GO IN THERE.