One of the most epic innovations in the BBM game is the group BBM chat.What better way to keep a select group of betches unified and up-to-date on one another’s very important decisions, such as, should I wear heels or flats tonight?THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST For sure I need some help... Hi Pero I am interested in marry a rich white man that will care for me and all my needs I don't mind his age but I will prefer Three Eight or Four Nine by is my contact Zero Eight One Zero Five Eight Seven Two Nine Two Six yes prep I wanna join but how will I join the great kingdom...?? So if any rich person can leand me money i will be greatfull to him or her and promise to payback and will always remember you and will always remain a good careing friend. Thankyou.*I do not know if u read this comment.i must write to you this: Keep dreanm doesnt have expiration date. intersted women can msg me at h 0 @ Google or can add me at my whatsapp nomber . I AM GHANAIAN MAN AGE IS 35 YEARS OLD AM LOOKING FOR WOMAN IS ALREADY TO MY PARTNER OR FRIENDSHIP ETC. Hi i am a lady looking for any samaritan to help me with my finacial problems please my situation is pathetic anyone who may find it in his or her heart to help me please , thank u may god bless u whats App me ...

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So betches, always remember that the BBM game is just as important as real life, and one BBM can fuck you over forever.

When you’re trying to shadily message Lindsay across the room that Jenny’s shirt makes her look like a whale, make sure you’re not accidentally typing to Jenny.

A Cash Reward of $200,000 USD, A New Sleek Dream CAR valued at USD $500,000 USD, A Dream House bought in any country of your own choice. I already have a wife, so I'm not looking to date anyone romantically or anything of the sort. I don't need money, I already have a job I love and doing fine on my own.

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It’s also a great organizational tool, since it helps us arrange exclusive #23 pregames.

And since betches thrive on exclusivity, who included in the BBM group is wayyyyy more important than who is because it determines who we can openly #1 talk shit about.

Who hasn’t been in four simultaneous shady conversations, all with people sitting in the same room as you?

The best part about it is that no one ever fucking notices because is on their fucking phones!!!

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