Sure you may think a challenging guy is hot but how helpful is that when you’re upset that you had a fight and can’t concentrate on that deadline?

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You know he would always try to communicate with you, respect your wishes and support you but unfortunately that’s not really doing it for you. Trust me, I feel you girl, I think I’ve dated them all: dominant CEO types, irresponsible artists, six packed footballers and everything in-between.

The problem is that if I look at it the qualities that these guys bought to the table did NOT align with my life goals.

These employees not only offer support, they also make sure a uniform level of equality is achieved by the site's membership.

You don't have to worry about fake profiles fishing for your information, or wasting time interacting with those who are not equipped to provide the type of lifestyle you seek when looking for a sugar daddy.

But as he calls the shots, you may find that unless you’re okay to go along with all of them that you get left behind.

If you see yourself in an equal partnership with a man who is going to pitch in to help you out when you need it too I am going to advocate that you should date the nice guy, If you keep seeing his tendency to offer help, to work around you and to be emotionally available to you as ‘weak’ or ‘boring’ we are playing into the same old game, which says women can’t be assertive and men can’t be emotional.Yes my life goals include (hopefully) being a good mum, a healthy bodied septuagenarian, and a competent Latin Dancer.However, they also noticeably include being a best selling author / boss babe/ dating revolutionary.Sugardaddie employs live customer service to answer any concerns or questions you may have about the service.They have offices in both the US and the UK, in order to provide the best, most compassionate help possible.I believe great equal partnerships are about seeing how we can work together and respecting each others qualities as individuals.