Well, attraction does not equal success with women.

In fact, even money doesn't mean as much as you would think when it comes to building attraction with women.

Stop thinking logically and start thinking how you can spark a woman emotionally. It's something you feel and you can't control it.1.

Whatever it is, you’ll always have something interesting to talk about and be able to invite a girl into your world. This is the #1 action you can take to improve your chances with women.

If a man on his deathbed with a broken neck can grow to fly planes and race cars, you can get out there and experience something new. Making the most opportunities for yourself is critical — you can’t be upset with your lack of a dating life if you sit on forums all day long. “But I’m scared of being rejected and I have approach anxiety!

You cannot will yourself to defeat your fears, you have to disprove them with actions. Do shit that makes you happy and stop trying to please everyone else. Accept female sexuality and stop slut-shaming — we all want sex.

Rid yourself of unnecessary jealousy and resentment. Build your social confidence and emotional intelligence.

No wonder most men are not getting the results they want with women.

This is like wanting 6 pack abs but only going to the gym once a month. For example, when most men see the one girl they want to talk to and finally build up the courage (or get enough liquid courage) they go and fail miserably after their opener.

Send out way more resumes, revise your current one constantly (ask for assistance from friends/head hunters) and .

If you fail first interviews, read up on interview skills and develop your non-verbals (body language and voice). Pay for the premium service which allows you to message companies.

Don’t give me the BS reason that you have no time or money. Check out Dollar Shave Club for razorblade deals and Reddit’s Wicked Edge Community for tons of advice. For your teeth, apply whitening strips and invest in Invisalign if you need it. Use expressive facial expressions when talking and gesture with your hands. If you’re ridden with anxiety, the only way to defeat it is progressive exposure.

Work out at home, even during your TV/Internet time if you have to. Learn the basics of fashion and update your wardrobe. Looking stylish says a lot about who you are and how you value yourself to others. Use a tongue scraper before going out and you’ll dramatically improve your breath. Practice standing correctly (tall, yet relaxed) and work out your back and core muscles. Challenge your comfort zone daily in small steps and build a foundation of positive reference experiences. It’s about being honest with your intentions, placing your needs first, and valuing yourself.

Once you get through your first approach, it only gets easier. — These points force you to push yourself to new levels, take an honest look at your weaknesses, and face your insecurities.