Some women make it apparent in their dating profiles that they expect a certain salary, certain treatment and usually accompany this by a long list of demands. Instead, write about who you are and what a good man does to make you happy. Men don't want to feel like they are getting the third-degree before they even meet you. Tip #7 - Men are not houses; don't try to remodel them. Wether you are searching for someone special, looking to make new friends in your area or anything else, 2meet4free will help you connect easily with some new people near you and promises to always stay 100% free!

And if you do have a dating dilemma, which you would like us to discuss on this forum (again this can be done anonymously), please feel free to email us, or use our feedback form. Alpa Saujani (Managing Director of Tantric Club) If you're unsure what the term "stashing" means, it's exactly what it sounds like. You've never been to an office party or met co-workers.

In the world of Asian dating, it refers to someone keeping you an almost secret. You don't go to places where you're likely to run into anyone mentioned above.

You're never too old to date and love does not know a number. Expect men to be men, and find one that really does it for you. They don't want to compete for some alpha-like status.

But a lot of older Americans struggle to find love and romance, most often using age as an excuse. Don't place unrealistic expectations on men, and don't mistakenly think you can change or mold them into who you think they ought to be. This does not mean that they want to feel like they are superior to you. In fact, we're five times less likely to ask you out as a result.

With this in mind, what are you planning on doing differently to find love in 2016? You've been on a couple of great dates, there's chemistry, banter and regular communication.

Things are going well but then out of the blue the calls stop and texts start to tail off.

Every time you go out, it seems to be out of the way or weird...

I wonder how many great relationships are sacrificed because of antiquated views and attitudes towards women's age and their fertility levels.

Being at the forefront of the dating world, I meet and interact with single Asian professionals daily.