has already thrown a few curveballs our way, but the one big reveal that’s definitely got fans up in arms is a shift in who’s dating who after the five-year time jump.

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11, but there is still one huge mystery that went unsolved on the hit ABC Family show — the question everyone is still asking themselves is whether or not Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn are dating.

The duo may be one of the cutest onscreen couples, but does their relationship go beyond the TV drama?

While both vehemently denied dating on more than one occasion, there were multiple instances of the two of them making out when the cameras weren't rolling.

Pretty Little Liars wrapped up its sixth season on Aug.

Regardless of whether or not you ship Spaleb, we can’t be the only ones looking forward to finding out exactly how Caleb and Spencer got together!

-A now), but perhaps the most surprising development of all involves matters of the heart.It wasn’t long ago that we looked at TV co-stars who hooked up off-screen, but didn’t have a relationship with each other.It’s proof that friends/colleagues can be intimate without it affecting their friendship/working relationship… In the case of Ashley Benson & Tyler Blackburn, that statement’s proven to be true.The two definitely locked lips when they weren’t in character, but both constantly deny dating.While that’s not always the deal — and some love interest Tyler Blackburn, on the other hand, definitely had something going on.Finally, Blackburn teased that soon we’ll get more of a backstory as to how Caleb and Spencer came to be.