I was able to talk Dr Raymond Agosu personaly about this matter and she told me that she is exerting the maximum effort to push counries to sign the AYC.

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There is currently in operation national youth policy being implemented with full participation of youth and led organizations of which i am a member.

This being persued through the national youth council in ghanathe document has been signed but not ratified as yet.

I hope that Ethiopia will ratify this charter in the near future.

A very limited initiative is taken by the government to develop supportive policies and programmes for young people, and hardly serves to fast-track the implementation of such policies and programmes.

It to a little extent provides a platform for youth to assert their rights and fulfil their responsibility of contributing to the continents development as youth in Ethiopia are not well supported by the government.

As far as my knowledge is concerned and based on the information I heard the main reason Ethiopia declined to ratify the African Youth charer is the AGE issues.After the ratification of the charter, approximately 40 young from different organizations took part in the presentation ceremony of the charter.This activity was supported by the Ivorian youth ministry. In Nigeria land and whatever is therein belong to the govt., I think the land use act should be reviewed for easy access to land. program to give back land irrespective of state just for those that want to go into farming. Nigeria is the world largest importer of fish, we spend billions of dollars yearly importing substandard rice. should be creative on how to make farming less tedious which is one of the complaints the youths give for not going into farming - access to fund to go into farming.Issues should not be just in books but at least practical, youth themselves should participate in international forums and collaborations.