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SS: Well, there's a sense that that kind of sloganeering, people are sort of dead to it now.

It doesn't resonate in the same way, it's not the same "call to arms".

And yet, despite these excesses, their heartfelt songs are able to address issues of not only love and loss, but colonial imperialism, global warming, war, and politics in ways that avoid the heavy-handed, preachy tone for which so many of us have long lost a taste.

That it's not so easy to just be left or right anymore?

His social graces echo that of a Victorian gentleman.

He stands when people arrive and leave, looks you in the eye, inquires as to how you are, gives you his full respect and attention.

Otherwise, sports can tell you so much about how people-oriented those asked are, or how sociable.#18 If you could go back in time, when would you travel to?

As in the case of number 17, be prepared for some weird-ass answers.

Define dating Speed Dating Frankfurt Oder vs hanging out?