Facebook unveiled an anonymous app Thursday, entering an increasingly crowded field of startups offering nameless and pseudonym-only sharing.

In order to set itself apart, Facebook’s version, called Rooms, is designed around old school chat rooms.

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"We may share information about you within the companies and services operated by Facebook to understand and improve our services, but the information you share on Rooms will never be posted to your Facebook account and the information you share on Facebook will never be posted to your Rooms account," according to a privacy statement from Rooms.

Once you're inside Rooms, you can select a different username for each room.

"In my room for technology industry discussions I am 'Josh' but in another about backpacking travel I am 'jm90403' – a homage to my hometown ZIP code.

Sometimes I want to go with my real name and sometimes I prefer a nickname. You can also add photos and videos to a Room, making it a bit more lively than the text-only chat rooms of yore.

With the exception of identity — the social network requires users to sign up with their “authentic name” — Miller says Rooms adheres to the same community standards set forth by Facebook.

Whisper, another anonymous messaging app, created a stir last week when a report from the Guardian reported it was tracking and monitoring user location data without their consent.The standalone app doesn’t require a Facebook account or the use of any identifiable information to participate, and making use of chat rooms was a direct nod to the early days of the Internet when the virtual spaces thrived, an experience that Facebook Product Manager Josh Miller says hasn’t yet translated to mobile.“Our whole thing is creating corners of the Internet for people like you,” said Miller, whose startup Branch was acquired by Facebook in January.Like Slingshot, an ephemeral messaging product Facebook released in June, you wouldn’t know at a glance that Rooms is a Facebook product.It has no Facebook branding and doesn’t require a Facebook account to operate (although Facebook encourages you to hand over your email in case you ever need to restore your account)."There's even a room called 'Kicks From Above' that showcases photographs of cool shoes in cool places." To sign up, you provide an email address.