More recently, I have been consulting to a range of businesses looking to use digital channels as a route to market, marketing, conversion rate optimisation and developing cross-border operations.Not only do our customers use digital for purchasing products and services at home, they are increasingly using mobile devices to do so internationally.

I also ran the trust mark for online retailers; Internet Shopping Is Safe.

This background has given me a unique view in to how business and consumers interact and how key stakeholders might view an industry.

Likewise, services that are free at point of delivery and funded by other commercial models have a place.

I think the future is a blend of these where consumers chose based on a number of factors.

Longer term I believe they will build trust and help ensure that it is the quality service providers that endure.

Our role is to ensure that our industries consumers are looked after, whilst also allowing us to market appropriate services and process data in a way that helps them achieve the outcome they desire.In the short term we will have to look at areas such as user consent, marketing activities and how third parties help us to get products and services in front of our prospects.This leads us to security, perception thereof and the attractiveness that our industry might have to those with less than honest intent.Monthly subscription models have been de rigueur in the industry for years and there is still space for this model.However, in-app purchases are much more common amongst the new digital generations; just look at Angry Birds and other games where micro-payments have made businesses massively profitable very quickly.As we get more successful at attracting new users we need to be cognisant of the fact that not all of them will be either ‘digital natives’ or even ‘digital savvy’.