He also did the choreography for NLT s music video for Karma.All the dance sequences you see me doing, none of it was really preplanned.Read Full Story Rumor has it that "Hannah Montana" megastar Miley Cyrus is dating Step Up 2: The Streets actor/dancer Adam Sevani.

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This is something of a series reunion with Sean Asa, Andie, Camille Cage and Robert “Moose” Alexander III returning alongside Jenny Kido, Jason Hardlerson, Hair, Monster, Vladd, The Santiago Twins, and Eddy.

But no Channing Tatum, who made his name off the first film.

Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler have great comic chemistry and this is sharply observed, if a little uneven.

For a spoof it’s misleadingly marketed, and too subtle for its own good, the poster looks like a conventional rom-com, which has caught romance fans out and caused a lot of negative feedback.

He recently appeared in LOL (Laughing Out Loud) adam sevani dating.

“Dance is still so popular and has evolved over the past decade since the first Step Up, so I brought in the new digital generation to pass the torch, but also say the OGs are still here and thriving.

Otherwise known as ‘Step Up 5’, there’s been an installment every two years since 2006.

The new helmer is a Grammy-winning choreographer and music video director, best known for creating OK Go videos.

Today we’re zoning in on all titles with a strong femme appeal, examining the biggest and best chick flicks of 2014 – either recent, new or coming soon.

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Watching it many have missed that it’s satire and written it off as just being a “bad, cliched rom-com”. Two new couples form, making the journey from the bar to the bedroom and eventually get put to the test in the real world.