He also has danced and done choreography ontours with prestigious dance companies NUVO, 24 Seven, The Pulse and Jump.The fact that Ishimoto had so much experience at such a high level got him some negative feedback from viewers of “So You Think You Can Dance,” but the dancer says he can’t see the show any other way.“There were lots of people who [disagreed with] not just me, but having professional dancers on the show,” he says in a call from Chicago, where the tour was kicking off.“But …MAt Utopia we always go the extra mile to show how much we appreciate you!

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if you’re not a professional dancer, if you’re just, let’s just say you just started off dancing and you thought that this is gonna be, like, a moment of everyone going to be able to see you or something like that, you won’t be able to survive on the show, it just doesn’t work.“You have to be able to do all styles in less than a week and master them and look like you have been doing it for a long time, and it just doesn’t work if you’re not a pro dancer, you know?

If you’re not a professional dancer, it just doesn’t work on that level.”In fact, the show is even more difficult than most professional dancing, he says.“It’s definitely a lot, because you’re instantly on live television,” he says.

Ishimoto says he hopes his winning “So You Think You Can Dance” is a message to others.

He was the first Asian dancer to win the competition, and he hopes that lets younger generations know success is possible.

Also, he says, before his generation, male dancers weren’t highlighted.“There were no male dancers,” he says.

“I was one of the only ones; it just didn’t work that way, you know? And I was born not to be a dancer – I didn’t have any ability, but it was just work and dedication. Stay dedicated.”Looking to the future [besides the fact that he reportedly is dating third-place finisher Sieve], Ishimoto says he has a good chance of rejoining Travis Wall’s Shaping Sound Company.

Now that the show is over, he says, the tour “is more about having fun and, like, giving back for me for all the support that I got throughout the season.

And I just want to have a great time — have a great show, and put on a great show.“It’s easier when you’re doing the same routines and the same duets and stuff like that [from the show], but we’re also doing some routines that we haven’t done – something new, something old,” he says.

I haven’t heard of a single dancer who can actually do every single style and master them professionally, and I want to be that person.“And for me, like, if I can do everything, then every job, it just makes everything easier, you know?

”Yet Ishimoto says he never had expectations of winning when he entered the competition.“I definitely didn’t think that I went into this competition thinking that I was going to win, nor did I have any thought of it during the competition,” he says.

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