With this thought in mind, have you observed how the wicked 'City of London' appears to be wreaking vengeance on the nations of the four Gentile world governments, beginning with Babylon (Iraq)?And now Persia (Iran), Syria and Lebanon appear listed for destruction— I suspect not before a mass exodus of self-styled Jews from the land of Israel.

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If Syria falls and Iran is directly threatened, the potential for a regional conflict of the utmost seriousness exists, assuming China and Russia move in to defend Iran. All very possible if we did not now have access to some pivotal facts . Well, "Lost Races: The Great Dating Shock" had to come out. Peter, Mary, the others from the upper room plus the three thousand souls converted that day all understood and obeyed what our Lord and did not believe in Rome's Babylonian trinity of gods (Acts ; -39; ; -18).

Such a conflict would create detrimental implications for the global economy, potentially triggering a hyper-inflationary financial crisis. Understanding is faith; ignorance is faith's absence.

Ominously, the intelligence stipulates that Israel will enter the fray to carry out military operations against Syria. Of course, we can't demonstrate this in the short term.

If the regime fails to dissolve, Syrian state television channels will be taken down and Assad will be assassinated. But give it say 4 billion years and maybe a miracle will happen? and nothing has ever happened to make these date readings mean something else.

Our courageous remote control warriors, hunched over their keyboards far from the din of battle, may be able to rain down death and destruction on innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, meanwhile salving their consciences by calling their victims "terrorists," but there is nothing they can do with their drones to stop Iran's deadly missiles from blowing up American aircraft carriers or sinking oil tankers in the Persian Gulf. The report calls for the recognition of the Syrian National Council as the legitimate government and their positioning in Turkey to work against the Assad regime. The bottom line is this: Our popular dating systems are based upon a shabby pseudoscience which has acquired a blind popularity.

Washington would then task Turkey with sending troops into Syria to arm the opposition forces, followed by Wahhabi fighters and Libyan mercenaries. It's only a theory, but it says that life on earth is an accident, that we have evolved upward by mutations from mud to man.As the Syrian National Council familiarly calls for the implementation of a no-fly zone over, those members of the International Community with any integrity left must work diligently to diffuse conflict in the region. Some of these folks want to start a huge fire of war and death and destruction, so that Jesus comes quickly. Say what the visions say" (The Revelation of the Seven Seals, p. Consequently most brethren in the circle of this Message believe and recite what he .[Likewise Iran's President Ahmadinejad believes current events in the Middle East are a prelude to the arrival of the mythical twelfth Imam or Mahdi—the messianic figure Islamic scriptures say will lead the armies of Islam to victory over all non-Muslims in the last days - Ed]. "This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people's enemies before a New Age begins. ." Christians United for Israel—led by highly-influential Pastor John C. And taking the rhema without the Logos they try to interpret the Message by itself instead of taking it back to the Bible from Genesis to Revelation to rightly divide the Word of Truth. If it isn't according to the Word, then it's a wrong revelation" (Balm in Gilead, #61-0218; Acts ; Romans 3:3).Domestic affairs in Syria are of little consequence to the powers trying to topple the nation; the real priority is to further isolate Iran by eliminating its Shia-Alawi ally in Damascus. THIS AFFECTS OUR DATING OF ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS Still, taking on board the popular view that we've ascended from a state of savagery to our present civilized state by a slow, uninterrupted development over tens of thousands of years, then there is nothing unreasonable about dates of 10,500 BC for the Great Pyramid, or 20 to 40,000 years for the Australian Aborigines.Israel reaps enormous benefit from toppling the Assad regime, as the Syrian Nation Council pledges to cut ties with Iran and discontinue arms shipments to Hezbollah and Hamas. And dates for: Egypt 6000 BC The Giza Sphinx 10,500 BC Sumerian texts 6000 years old Tiahuanaco 15,000 BC Cave bones in France 12,000 years old Atlantis 9600 BC, and so on. Now, if you discovered a major cover-up affecting your children's education system, what would you do? Full story: e-book , knowing full well that Scripture commands them to prove and to establish all things by two or three witnesses in God's unchanging Word (Deuteronomy 17:6; ; Matthew ; II Corinthians 13:1). Perhaps most well-known is the "vain repetition" of the dispensation claims "Father, Son and Holy Ghost" for water baptism in deliberate disobedience to Jesus' command to fully immerse the penitent in the (singular) of those three Titles, which is LORD JESUS CHRIST (Matthew ; Luke ; John ).A number of our precious Iranian brothers and sisters have been imprisoned, while Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani is sentenced to be hanged for converting to Christianity.