(It seems to compliment the comment in the WSL post that lawyers should be left to themselves.) At any rate, the tone of the article (which was covering a book on the topic of marrying lawyers) suggested that lawyers are crummy mates.

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I also cling to an icy reserve in order to focus on the points I want made.

I can imagine both of those traits would be maddening in a lover’s quarrel ... ” and having made it required reading for my fiance (now spouse of a year and some change - I’m the legal person in the relationship), I think it asks a good question - should you enter into a committed relationship with someone whose personality has likely led them to a career of competition, time-constraints, and stress?

And as a sidenote - I completely hear you on the free-time issue.

I am not in a relationship and dating is not a priority when it comes to be extremely limited free time.

Furthermore, were I not already in a committed relationship, I’d probably not have the time, energy, or interest to date while in law school, and certainly would not likely look far beyond the law library (that convenience factor again).

But I am in a relationship, so the question becomes how well I’m doing on that front. I tell myself that my life will be this hectic only for a while, and once I settle into a job, things will get more normal.

I could spend more time in the library - but for now, I remain afraid to cross that bridge…

—————————————————————————————- Kalokagathia Graeca sunt, non leguntur… I’ll third the time constraint issue - law school has made me extremely skittish about dating anyone because I don’t like making plans very far in advance ...

I found one observation (regarding lawyer-lawyer relationships) provided by The Snark and posted on to be quite witty…