The POS terminal is the machine your customers will use to swipe their cards.

If you aren’t careful, you can find yourself paying high fees for these devices as well as for the processing service.

Please fill out this application form to get started. If you hope to remain competitive against the other online businesses, you need to make the purchase process as simple as possible for your customers.

As a result, special steps need to be taken in order to protect your customers’ financial information as well as to keep you protected from fraudulent purchases.

fees for Telephone / Mail Order (MOTO) usually are available for rates as low as 2% and up.

If they do not feel proper security measures are in place, most customers will steer clear of making a purchase with your store.

With our help, your customers will be able to easily and securely make purchases online.

Setting up an Internet merchant account is different from a retail account, primarily because your customers will not actually be swiping their cards.

Rather, they will need to input information into an online form.

We will also make it possible for you to set up automatic billing with your customers and or you to accept checks online.

In addition, we will provide you with fraud and risk management technology that will help to minimize your risks.

If you do not accept credit or debit cards, your potential customer may very well move on to a merchant that does.