The worst thing that could happen to Al is to lose Juliana. Will the gossip columnists and the new laws destroy them?

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They are suffocating under the pressure of hurt and guilt.

Old wounds begin to heal between them when a spirited beekeeper named Brooke Hastings contracts Jacky to train her overly-protective dog, Bee.

She believes this so strongly that when she hits it big in the lottery she considers throwing the ticket away.

Once she talks herself off that ledge she vows to use the money only for security, a decision that she honestly believes she can follow.

One day her top client asks her to work on a lucrative project with the notoriously fastidious Georgina Masters, of the American agency Mastery.

The temporary merger causes a fiery clash of cultures and personalities.

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The local bank manager, Maddie Osborne, quickly sees that Cody’s going to be in a world of trouble if she doesn’t make some tough financial decisions.