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The Ganges has a very complicated hydrology and there are several different descriptions of its overall length and the size of its drainage basin based on what tributary rivers are included.

The most widely accepted length of the Ganges River is 1,569 miles (2,525 km) and its drainage basin is estimated to be about 416,990 square miles (1,080,000 sq km).

The Ganges River basin has been inhabited by humans since ancient times.

The first people in the region were of the Harappan civilization. Later the Gangetic Plain became the center of the Maurya Empire and then the Mughal Empire.

It is the longest river in India and flows for around 1,569 miles (2,525 km) from the Himalayan Mountains to the Bay of Bengal.

The river has the second greatest water discharge in the world and its basin is the most heavily populated in the world with over 400 million people living in the basin.

It has a population density of about 1,000 people per square mile (390 per sq km).

Aside from providing drinking water and irrigating fields, the Ganges River is extremely important to India's Hindu population for religious reasons as well.

In addition to entering the Indo-Gangetic Plain at this area, part of the Ganges River is also diverted toward the Ganges Canal for irrigation in the Uttar Pradesh state.