It was only one day but the Village of Union City packed alot into it! Thank You to everyone involved for putting on a great event!

LZ Michigan held in Oscoda, Michigan was an awesome event!

Thursday April 6th we head down to West Point, KY for the annual Spring Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot. We spent Thursday and Friday getting to know her and waiting out the weather passing through Indiana. We had several fuel stops along the way and had lots of people show up at the airports to look at 049.

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Joe worked out of a golf cart or a wheel chair due to a motorcycle accident the month prior. ============================================================================================================================================= Join us in Oscoda, Michigan!! ========================================================================================================================================= July 7 - Sorry for the slow updates. : John Walker, Ron Paye, Ron & Cathy Clark, Rodney Mayfield, Denny & Donny Rogers, Arthur Gray, Casey Eames, Glen Veno, Tom Klare, Whitney Klare, Tom & Cindy Beaty, Ann & Angie Wiechart, Ron Maxwell, Carol Duncan, Jerry Conner, Jerry Lindquist, Phil Marshall, Bruce Ashworth, Ron Baber, Katie, Lexie & Jacob Baber, Chuck Canfield, Paul Boggs, Troy Brindack Wade Hedinger, Devon Hedinger, Howard Modjeski, Mike Victor, Tommy & Joe Victor and Robert Fureigh.

========================================================================================================================================= April 21 - The News Letter/Membership renewal went out the first of April. ======================================================================================================================================== March 11, 2016 Dear Friends, When I imagine what the definition of the word "Pride" should be (in my own personal dictionary), it would say: all Core Member's, Life Members, Founders, all Members of American Huey 369 Organization, our Industry Benefactors and there would be a picture of all of you around 369, 803 and someone holding a sign that says, Gunship 049 and Museum coming soon!

====================================================================================================================================== To all new members: Your dogtags will arrive in approximately 30 days after the event you attended.

Data input takes time especially after a large event.

Besides successfully flying 369 and 803 Warrior 11 to and from Louisville Expo Center (Thanks to some Great Air Crew Members), our advance party Van/Trailer Crew also did an outstanding job of arriving prior to the Aircrafts arrival with our luggage and the important essentials needed for our booth.

We were very fortunate to have at the wheel of the Van Mr.

Thank You to everyone in Findlay who make this event great every year!! We missed quite a few of our regulars due to illness and injury.

The Hancock County Fairgrounds is a very nice place to hold this extra special event! Ron Paye, Ernie & Deb Marroni, Jerry & Linda Conner. Thank You to everyone who braved the cold and helped get her done.

We also want to thank Bell Helicopter of yesterday for designing and building the Huey that saved so many lives in the last 60 years, but we must also thank Bell Helicopter of today for their support of Heli Expo and the Heritage Section where we so proudly got to display 2 of Bell's finest 369 & 803 Warrior 11! Bell for being a visionary and Arthur Young for building the first Bell Helicopter!

I personally invite all of You to extend some sort of Thanks to the 30 plus Core Members listed below who volunteered to be part of the 9 days we spent in Louisville in an effort to further our Goal of finding Founders to build the 2nd Phase Maintenance Restoration Hangar.

========================================================================================================================================= Welcome to 2017! We did manage to get in quite a few member flights after the rain passed.