Each session has a Q&A portion, allowing students to pick the brains of industry pros.

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An acclaimed teacher, one that is popular with the local agencies, can help lead you to a leg up on the competition when it comes time to attend those casting calls.

3 - LOOK FOR THE RIGHT TECHNIQUE Are you a method actor? Reading up on the basic techniques employed by famous actors can lead to a dearth of good information.

Improv classes are also a wonderful way to learn to use your body effectively.

When studying voice, practice projection, annunciation, and breathing. Once you have your instrument tuned, you should move onto scene study courses.

Once you find a technique that interests you, you can start searching for an acting coach that employs that technique.

4 - ASK FOR SUGGESTIONS Don't be afraid to ask your acting and industry buddies for suggestions.

There are few people more important to the career of an actor than the person they choose to train them.

Every actor who is taking their career seriously will eventually find themselves at the hands of a (hopefully) capable acting coach and it is absolutely imperative that they find the right coach for them.

1 - LOOK LOCAL Speaking from experience, having an acting coach a short drive away will dramatically increase your commitment to the training. Looking through the internet or phone books can lead you to a list of acting coaches.