The many types of indexes share the common property that they reduce the need to examine every entry when running a query.Data (pieces of the database) that are being processed/manipulated reside inside a processor, possibly in processor s caches.

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By the nature of contemporary computers most of the database part inside a computer that hosts the DBMS resides (partially replicated) in volatile storage.

An efficient data structure allows manipulation of the data in efficient ways.

Databases may store data in many data structure types.

In general, substantial performance improvement is gained if different types of database objects that are usually utilized together are laid in storage in proximity, being clustered.

The decision of whether to cluster certain objects or not depends on the objects utilization statistics, object sizes, caches sizes, storage types, etc.

For example, My SQL supports Inno DB as well as My ISAM. Database engine A database engine (or storage engine) is the underlying software component that a database management system (DBMS) uses to create, read, update and delete (CRUD) data from a database.

A storage array, a common external storage unit, typically has storage hierarchy of its own, from a fast cache, typically consisting of (volatile and fast) DRAM, which is connected (again via standard interfaces) to drives, possibly with different speeds, like flash drives and magnetic disk drives (non-volatile).

The simplest form of index is a sorted list of values that can be searched using a binary search with an adjacent reference to the location of the entry, analogous to the index in the back of a book.

Typically a correlation exists currently between storage speed and price, while the faster storage is typically volatile.

Database indexing[edit] Indexing is a technique some storage engines use for improving database performance.

Sometimes the data structures have selectable parameters to tune the database performance. The same data can have multiple indexes (an employee database could be indexed by last name and hire date).