So as you can see utilizing proxies in your projects can give you a ton of benefits and one of them is saving your system’s disk space.Okay the next question is “how can we create proxy?It took Iray about 15 seconds to update the Geometry and start rendering.

3ds max updating instances-16

Each of this Characters has about 60 Parts and around 30 Materials, altogether 53k Faces.

With all of them instantiated I am at around 40 million faces (in the Viewport) and it just takes ages until Iray actually begins rendering.

When you have identical objects scattered around your scene, it is best to use instance instead of copy.

By using instances you basically tell 3ds max to save the object’s geometry once in the memory but display it several times. we have the same scene setup with 1000 teapot editable objects, but right now all of them are instances to each other.

So, proxy is used mainly for saving RAM usage but it works very well also for saving hard disk space. Let say we have a 3ds max file, inside it a scene with a lot of 3d objects needed for a finished project.

Now the total of the 3ds max file size is 100 mb, the number is just for example only.

If you want to learn 3ds max from scratch, no prior experience needed and be able to create this interior scene.

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This is because, again, as I explain before, Instances will enable 3ds max to save the geometry information only once although displaying it multiple times. Simply click to select it and hold shift then move it to another position.