To properly keep this important aspect of Shabbat, careful study is required.

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How to approach it: It's basically a matter of cooking ahead and keeping things warm, either by using a blech (cover for the stovetop) or by using a slow cooker.

Water is kept hot using an urn that is plugged in before Shabbat.

Bills (which of course can't be paid) are also muktzah.

How to approach it: Put away wallets, purses, and loose change before Shabbat begins.

Plan to visit friends and neighbors nearby, or arrange to meet with them halfway, or at the park on Shabbat afternoon.

On Shabbat, we avoid weekday activities such as shopping, and thus money is Muktzah, among the objects that have no purpose on Shabbat and thus are not to be moved.It's a total slowdown, giving one time to think, look around, breathe.It's amazing what we miss, as we zoom by life in an automobile.Enjoy the break from having to go everywhere, and just enjoy being.If your synagogue is a real hike away, you may want to drive there Friday night before Shabbat begins and park the car there until Saturday night.There is a prohibition against using electrical appliances on Shabbat – such as telephones, radios, and television.